Create your safety marking when you need it. The GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker will make this happen. Its 700 built-in symbols will help you very easily create your own safety and warning signs, informative and warning tags, labels, pipe marking, etc. This printer is fast, reliable, flexible and professional.

Large-screen display enables an easy manipulation and speed practically with no limits. The printer is fully compatible with Windows system, but it operates even if it is not connected to a computer, because it has its own keyboard, mouse and USB interface. The usage of GlobalMark®2 printer in combination with Brady materials will ensure high-quality and endurable marking.

With this printer you can present your professionalism in any branch of industry that you work in.

GlobalMark®2 specifications

  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Label width (max.): 101.6 mm
  • Printout width: 96.52 mm
  • PC Connectivity: yes
  • Interface (USB, serial port, paralel): USB, serial
  • LCD display: touchs creen LCD
  • Stand alone (autonomous) mode: yes
  • Keyboard: computer QWERTY

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