Graphic printers

Applications for printing of safety marking, pipe marking, logistic labels, informative signs and banners of your own arrangement. THT printout on high quality vinyl self-adhesive strip ensures high-quality and durable labels for clear identification of operation premises.



MiniMark™ device is an ideal combination of user-friendly environment and creativity for a great price. Finally, a solution for everyone. Simple to use, high quality of printing, compact size.





BBP™31 is a printer for signs and labels. It is exactly how a printer should be. Easy to use with many functions. The best thing is that with this printer you can use many different types of material. Thus, it manages printing of all labels which your company needs.




GlobalMarkMake your safety marking when you need it. The GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker will make this happen. Its 700 built-in symbols will help you very easily create your own safety and warning signs, informative and warning tags, labels, pipe marking, etc. This printer is fast, reliable, flexible and professional.





BBP™85 Label Printer with thermal printout and 300 dpi resolution can make strong, colourful visual materials that are up to 254 mm wide. It has a big touch screen and intuitive, easily controllable interface which enables quick and easy production of labels. You can use a wide range of materials for the printer, including self-adhesive, polyester, reflective, phosphorescent labels and labels with a pre-printed letterhead. Thanks to a really easy use without complicated setup, you can make quality, colourful and eye-catching materials practically immediately.


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