Industrial and desktop printers

THT printing devices which work through the connection to PC and with a certain software for label design (LabelMark, Codesoft). These intelligent and powerful THT printers are suitable especially in production, offices, warehouses, laboratories or workrooms with the needs of several hundreds or thousands of labels per day.


Multilateral basic BBP11 model from the series of Brady thermo-transfer printers. It is suitable for majority of standard Brady materials. It is appropriate especially for production and logistics labels printing, for cable marking and switchboards marking including substitution of EPREP engraved labels, for laboratory marking and many other industrial applications.



Unique BBP33 label printer with unusually quick exchange of materials and settings without unwanted rubbish. A whole range of materials for device marking, safety and narrow labels and 5S labels, but also die-cut labels for cable identification, laboratory equipment and products.



IP Printer

Brady IP Printer communicates with software, material for printout and printing tapes. That makes the printing process significantly easier. Smart Cell technology (intelligent chip) is based on mutual communication of smart, basic, structural units of the system.



BP-PR Plus

BP-PR PLUS model from the series BradyPrinter™ is a robust industrial printer which is ideal solution for printing of professional needs of product identification and traceability of applications in a given industry; mainly electricity, electrical engineering, telecommunications and laboratory environment. It is also suitable for printing of labels for electronic components marking, labels for data communication, etc.

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