MiniMark™ device is an idel combination of user-friendly environment and creativity for a great price. Finally, a solution for everyone. Simple to use, high quality of printing, compact size.

MarkWare™ software is a necessary, efficient and effective device for using Minimark™ printer in industrial marking.

It offers over 600 standardized symbols and more than 500 formats. Thanks to MarkWare™ you have a real support throughout the process of labels making and marking.

Direct marking

Focus your messages (logos, texts) directly, easily; in a way that your marking finally gets the attention it deserves. It will all change and your marking will be visible in a clear and understandable way.

Accordance with European standards

In terms of pipe marking only choose the standard that corresponds to your country. Simply follow the instructions. MarkWare™ will ensure immediate accordance and also significant time savings. Require the simplicity and peace.

Easy application and minimal space requirements

Time saver, users friendly, those are the features that make our lives easier. You can make messages, symbols, pipe marking, pictograms, barcodes, address labels, comfortably marking from your own computer make.

Minimum investment, maximum effectiveness

The external purchasing of labels is often a long and costly process. Besides, the absence of safety marking can cause serious accidents. Don´t be dependent on others anymore. Minimum investment will bring general savings and will increase your effectiveness.

Printing media diversity

Printing on self-adhesive materials, or on die-cut labels enables various applications (directional marks, safety labels, production, storage or inventories management). Stop wasting your time. Your organization will rise in terms of distinctness, as well as an increased productivity.

MiniMark™ specifications

  • Resolution: 203 dpi
  • Label width (max.): 100 mm
  • Printout width: 96.52 mm
  • PC Connectivity: yes
  • Interface (USB, serial port, paralel): USB, serial, paralel
  • LCD display: no
  • Stand alone (autonomous) mode: no
  • Keyboard: no

Video MiniMark:

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