Custom foam forms

Foam forms

Pěnové formy na nářadíDesign and create your own form for tools which can help you reach better organization of your working environment.

These two-layered foam desks can be very easily cut based on your requirements. A needed lay-out of your working instruments can be easily designed thanks to the top paper layer.

You can easily make a final form because of the supplied accessories, or we can provide a professional solution created by our specialists. 


  • Material: braced foam
  • Size: desk format - 75 x 50 cm
  • Available coloured combinations: black/yellow, black/red, blue/red, blue/yellow
  • Extremely resistant, non-absorbent and health resistant material

Package content

1 x coloured foundation PE desk (1 cm thick)

1 x cross-sectional PE desk black/blue (1 or 2 cm thick) + foundation silicon layer

1 x scalpel

1 x pencil

A segment made-to-measure

If you are more interested in the option that we will create the segment for you, we can provide a professional solution as we will measure the tools and cut PE desks with a water-jet cutter for you. 

We can supply sizes of the forms also according to your needs, in case you are interested, please contact our Account manager.


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