Aledo joined the IQRF Alliance

ALEDO become a member of an international community of developers, manufactures, system integrators, sales professionals, research and innovation centers, technical high schools and universities providing wireless solution for IoT and M2M communication. In January 2017 Aledo participated on the IQRF Alliance Meeting in Microsoft HQ in Prague.

ALEDO is a new member of the IQRF Alliance is a Czech company ALEDO which decided to join after participating on the IQRF Alliance Meeting in Microsoft HQ in Prague. We are pleased that this event helped to make a final decision which is definitely worth it because IQRF Alliance brings its members many benefits such as cost reduction and market share growth.

ALEDO is focusing on offering complex services including immediate technical support. This is where the IQRF wireless technology and the IQRF Alliance comes into play with its ecosystem of complete solutions and ready-to-use devices.

ALEDO company impressed audience at the IQRF Alliance Meeting in Microsoft HQ in Prague, where it presented its security system ensuring work safety by monitoring employees. ALEDO's safety solution is based on the IQRF wireless technology implemented in industrial halls and in safety helmets. The helmet is also equipped with many sensors such as accelerometer or gyroscope so it can detect an employee at health risk (falling from heights, high temperature, steam leak etc.). The helmet alarms the monitoring system (highlighted point on the building plan) and lights above an injured employee (equipped also with the IQRF datatransceivers) start to flash to facilitate finding him. Thanks to this solution the rescue is faster which is the key, because every second counts.

IQRF Alliance Meeting - Michal Růžička IQRF Alliance Meeting - Josef Hrabal 

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