Customized lighting

Osvětlení na míruWe supply LED illuminants and LED lighting made to order. We design and carry out the complex solutions to your light-technical project.

If you need any specific type, size or shape of a LED light for your household or company, do not hesitate to contact our specialists from the Energy-efficient lighting division.

Reasons why to use customized LED lighting:

1. We recommend

  • LED strips suitable for your space (for direct and indirect lighting)
  • The appropriate LED lighting performance according to the usage - 4.8W; 9.6W; 12W a 20W (lighting for kitchen units, workspaces, housing premises, wardrobes, staircases...)
  • Colour of the LED lighting – warm white, day white, cold white, RGB (red, green, blue)
  • LED lighting remote control – switch (touch screen, proximity switch, with button) and remote control (for one colour and RGB LED lighting)
  • Suitable and quality LED resources for LED lighting
  • LED lights for your premises (we will replace all the sockets of classic and halogen light-bulbs)

2. We will form the entire illuminant according to individual specifications - size based on your requirement
3. We provide LED strips SERVICE

  • We solder the power cables, connectors and key switch.
  • We prepare LED strips according to the individual length.
  • The customer will not have to spend any time with completion of the LED strip.

4. We lend LED light-bulbs for testing - from 3W to 12W (we offer all types of sockets of LED light-bulbs)
5. Products displayed in our e-shop IN STORE are really in store - we can make the whole fitted light in less than 5 working days
6. We provide LED lighting installations right to your premises

If you want to shine, choose Aledo energy-saving lighting.

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