eshop1Eshop - Energy-saving lighting

We deal with all the factors connected to the lighting technology. Our e-shop offers a complete range of energy-saving lights. More than 1 000 items including accessories. We sell quality and verified products only.

eshop2Eshop - Safety signs

We offer safety signs only from the verified sources and quality materials only. Also, our company provides wide range of safety signs which were created through our own screen printing.




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Head office
Centrála společnostiCentrála - mapka
Romana Čtvrtlíková, DiS.
Sales assistant
Identification, Safety
+420 734 230 605

Aledo s.r.o. 
Kostelecká 5, 796 01 Prostějov
IČO (Business ID): 29298776
DIČ (TAX ID): CZ29298776 

+420 583 035 045

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