Energy-saving lighting

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We offer complex services in the area of energy efficient lighting regarding indoor lighting for households, public lighting, or industrial lighting with the higher requirements connected to the luminaries functioning. We can also arrange office luminaries, hall lighting, warehouse lighting, special lighting made to measure or we can install modern design lighting. We also offer outdoor lighting for private lands and industrial premises, which is again economical due to the used technology and quality materials meeting all legal and safety requirements. 

If you're not sure whether your investment in the newly installed efficient lighting will be worth, we can conduct a non-committal study which will show you the return on investment (ROI). Thanks to our equipment, knowledge and experience you can expect really professional service together with professional consultancy, 3D visualization, and choice of the most suitable components and also the professional installation of energy efficient lighting.

Industrial lighting which will manage even very challenging operations

The term quality industrial lighting refers to the halls lighting which uses luminaries with high efficiency, low consumption, optimal luminosity, easy maintenance and high durability even in continual operations. Industrial lighting must be also comfortable for the employees that work in the premises. These construction and used materials must be perfectly safe.

Outdoor and public lighting protects individuals and property

Reliable public lighting that meets operational requirements is without doubts necessary part of town and municipality equipment. Our employees manage the whole supply of public lighting including related documentation and professional consultancy. 

In terms of outdoor luminaires we do not consider only public lighting. We also manage energy saving lighting of private lands which can discourage uninvited night visitors from entering and provides you safe return home late in night.

Indoor lighting and design luminaries

Also indoor lighting as for example lighting of households, offices or for example surgery offices have own specifics which need individual solutions and with them we can help you. We provide optimal layouts, types and design of the luminaries based on your requirements. We can also supply design luminaries into modern interiors which perfectly match the environment and make a great overall impression.

Energy efficient lighting from A to Z

In the area of energy efficient lighting, we are able to provide complex solutions regarding a change of current light sources from the initial analysis through elaborated light-technical project to the final version. During the elaboration of light-technical project we offer several ways of different price categories based on the level saving, life span, requirements on quality of lights and other criteria.

We provide energy efficient sources in the following versions:

  • Industrial lighting: lighting of halls for production and storage, energy-saving lighting outdoor area and background for employees
  • Public lighting: lighting of communications and buildings owned by towns and municipalities
  • Indoor lighting: for apartments and family houses, recreation and commercial and retail buildings

From the technological point of view, the company is focusing on LED and LVD solutions in the sector of public lighting and light bulbs. In the sector of fluorescent lighting in addition to LED solutions, we have also Save Tube products, which can create an interesting amount of energy savings at lower initial costs. Our product portfolio is further broaden for example with LED strips, which are modern and high quality light source and find their application mainly in house interior lighting. We collaborate with architectonic and design studios and thus we can offer highly professional solutions based on customers´ individual requirements, including 3D visualization.


Dodavatel technologie

Technology supplier

We sell high quality and verified light sources with long life span and high efficiency. We provide 5 years guarantee for these product.

Úspora energie

Energy saving

Our light sources together with our technology provide significant energy savings. You can markedly lower energy costs.

Servis a dohled

Service and supervision

We have been cooperating with the major professionals in the long term. We personally check results – if everything is OK and you are satisfied.

We only offer verified products that meet safety and ecological conditions stated by commonly accepted rules and norms of the European Union (EU). Besides wholesale operations and direct supplies for implemented projects, we also operate retail shop including showroom, where our professionaly trained staff gives advice to laic public. Our employees can provide advice about the replacement of classical lights by the energy efficient lighting including implementations examples in households (wardrobes, kitchen units, bathrooms, etc.). We can also offer a possibility of immediate purchase at favourable prices.

What we offer regarding the lighting area:

  • Professional approach to your needs and requirements
  • Professional consultancy
  • Knowledge of the product and its configuration based on its usage
  • Accomplishment of the maximum energy savings
  • Elaboration of light-technical projects
  • Calculation of all operational costs connected to lighting
  • Return on investement (ROI) calculation
  • 3D visualization
  • Observance of the light-technical rules and legal requirements
  • Assurance of professional installation
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