System solution for monitoring and regulation

Unique system for monitoring of movement, life conditions of employees and traceability of products. Our solution is IQRF based and with network of readers (installed into lights or placed individually) creates IQRF zones in industry area.

System parts:

  • LOCATOR/MODUL – installed in safety helmet, fitted with necessary sensors, active with own power supply, controlled by processor
  • READER – optimalized reading device for wireless communication between gateway and locator/modul
  • GATEWAY– gate is used for two-way data transfer from ethernet to IQRF network
  • SOFTWARE – control part of whole system including graphic user interface 

For example if employee falls, faints or is exposed to any undesirable surrounding effect (steam, splashed with liquids, heat), an alarm will occur in surrounding area using light flashing and simulatenously warning software service staff on screen, accountable manager and safety staff with email or SMS message.


Usage :

  • Localization of staff, technology, products in pre defined area
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  • Employees health status monitoring
  • Measurements of CO level, humidity, high temperature etc.
  • Power consumption measurements
  • Control of lights 
  • Custom expansion  (process monitoring,
    "clever storages", ...)

Example of use

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Identification, Safety
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