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LED bulbs save energy and have a very long life span. However, they have many other advantages connected to durability and security.

LED bulb

LED bulb that falls on the ground won´t smash into dangerous glass shatters. It will manage the fall without any damages.

LED bulbs are the ideal light source for the regular lightings. It is possible to adjust the shining by changing the efficient value of power supply, likewise with the incandescent light bulbs.

There are other advantages connected to LED bulbs, as for example the absence of light emission in ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. Also, the low surface temperature of LED bulbs, therefore, you cannot burn yourself.

Ordinary light bulb (W) LED luminous flux (Im) Approximate wattage of LED bulb (W)
15 130 3-4
25 250 6-7
40 470 7-8
60 702 8
75 800 10
100 1340 12

We sell LED bulbs in the following versions: E14, E27, E40GU10, MR11, MR16, G4, G9, R7S, AR111 GU10, AR111 G53

LED fluorescent tubes belong to a new form of energy efficient lighting. In terms of the size, they are designed equally as classical fluorescent tubes. However, they have much longer life span and they light up right after switching on.

LED fluorescent tube

LED fluorescent tubes are also resistant to frequent switching on. The energy saving by LED fluorescent tubes is by 85 % higher than with linear fluorescent tubes.

LED fluorescent tubes have similar parameters of light colour as the ordinary fluorescent tubes, and therefore they can be replaced without any problems.

LED fluorescent tubes can be used in apartments, offices, industrial halls and also in pink version for meat industry.


Advantages of LED technology usage:

  • 85% energy saving
  • Life span up to 50 000 hours
  • No maintenance costs
  • Quick return on investment (ROI)
  • LED tubes do not emit harmful UV radiation
  • Silent functioning
  • Immediate 100% start, lighting right after switching on
  • Possibility of frequent switching on and off
  • Light is emitted only directionally - lighting comfort


We sell LED fluorescent tubes in the following lengths: 60, 90, 120 and 150 cm. A current offer HERE.

LED strip serves as a lighting. It is usually made in yardage. It is very flexible and has a self-adhesive layer which enables an easy installation of the whole LED strip. Individual LED diodes in SMD design are attached to one of the sides of these flat LED strips.

LED stripIt is a perfect alternative for ordinary lighting made of classic or energy efficient light bulbs. It can also join impressive decoration with energy saving. Models with a self-adhesive layer also bring comfort. The protection of LED strips is IP 33, 65 and 68.

The advantage of cast-in LED strips in gel design is an easy water or dust wiping by a cloth. There are no problems caused by the wiping the surface with wet cloth. Led strips are cast-in from the top to the smooth, so the surface is easy to maintain. IP 68 design is suitable for swimming pools or aquarium lighting.

LED strips can be also used as lighting for kitchens, rooms, paintings or stairs.


We sell LED strips in the following versions:

4,8W 12V     7,2W 12V     9,6W 12V     12W 12V     14,4W 12V     20W 12V     Special UV     RGB and coloured 12W


We also offer supplementary products:

LED panels represent a totally new generation of lighting, replacing incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent lights.

Round LED panel

Their advantage is the equal distribution of light across the surface of the panel, a very small thickness (15 mm), and the associated attractive appearance.

Therefore, LED panels can be used as a trendy supplement in the interior, both on the ceiling or as wall lighting.

LED panels are available in light-colour temperatures, possibility to choose RGB as well as dimmability.

We sell LED panels in various shapes, sizes and variants. A current offer HERE.

LED panel 15W 300x300 mmLED panel 45W 600x600 mmLED panel 45W 1200x300 mm

LED light panels are a type of new modern product famous for their elegant design.

Recessed luminaires and recessed spotlights LED lamps are becoming of greater use in the last years. Increasingly, it is more often not only used within shops, but they are also installed in the living premises as for example kitchens, hallways or living rooms.

We sell recessed LED luminaires in the following versions. A current offer HERE.

Spotlight solid goldSpotlight hinged chromeSpotlight furniture brass

LED reflectors are a very advanced technology in terms of lighting. LED reflectors have much lower energy consumption in comparison to the classical reflectors. Therefore, they save your money.

They have extremely long life span and also do not need any maintenance. They are all metal with 5 mm safety glass. The LED reflectors are resistant to rain and wet environment. They can be used in interiors as well as outside, for example in parking lots or industrial lighting in a building site. Also, they can be used for buildings or garden lightings and others.

We offer LED reflectors in various versions and designs. 

LED reflector 10W silverLED reflector 50W silverLED reflector 5500K ILLED reflector 70W silver 6500K

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