LVD induction bulbs and lamps

Induction bulb LVD 15W

LVD induction bulbs offer ecological light without mercury, a long life span, high temperature and mechanical resistance, a light that has almost equal colour to the daylight, but mainly is offers up to 60% energy saving.

These light bulbs can be turned off and on any time according to the need or also in connection to certain sensors. They do not dispose stroboscopic effect because they function at 200 kHz frequencies. They are resistant to fluctuation of power supply. They do not have any problems overrun the power supply by ± 15%. They function at low temperatures up to -30 ⁰C without any problems.


We sell LVD induction bulbs in the following versions:

APOLO Inductions bulbs     Induction bulbs AP 1 (IP)     Induction bulbs AP 2 (EP)


It is a type of electrode-less discharge. It is a source of light which does not use any electrodes or glow fibres for transformation of energy to the light. Inside of the discharge tube there is no electric discharge taking place as for example in the fluorescent light. The principle is a high-frequency magnetic field which "shakes" the mixed gas molecules inside the tube with a high frequency. The consequence of this movement is the creation of UV radiation inside the tube. Than, the UV radiation goes through a phosphor and changes to the visible light (likewise with a fluorescent lamp).

Advantages of LVD induction lamps:

  • Life span up to 100 000 hoursInduction lamp LVD
  • Low weight of the luminaires
  • High energy savings (up to 70%)
  • Operational temperature from -25 ⁰C to 50 ⁰C
  • Does not create stroboscopic effect - frequency of 230 kHz
  • Quality color rendering index higher than 80 Ra
  • Without liquid mercury
  • Quick turn on/turn off option


We sell LVD induction lamps in the following versions:

Induction lamps LVD SAT    Induction lamps LVD SAT     Induction lamps LVD SMD

(integrated control gear)     (external control gear)

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