LVD public lighting

LVD induction lamps of public lighting bring a fresh modern design of luminaries and light sources.

LVD public lighting

The main advantages of induction lighting: the long life span of light sources up to 100 000 hours. Thanks to long life span, induction lamps have minimal maintenance costs; light source guarantee up to 5 years; immediate start of the light (can be seamlessly connected to activity sensors).

Thanks to low temperature the light source does not burn the reflector of a lamp. While keeping the same level of lighting, maintaining the same quality of lighting inductive lamps save energy by 50% compare to sodium and metal-halogen discharges.


We sell LVD public lighting in the following versions:

LVD public lighting (cover)          LVD tunnel lamps


Example savings by using LVD induction lamps in public lighting

type of the luminary

previous condition

high-pressure sodium discharge 100W

condition after the exchange for LVD

LVD induction lamp 80W

overall power input light + control gear (W) 125 85
number of luminaries (pcs) 100 100
life span of the light source (hours) 12 000 100 000
price of energy (CZK/kWh) 2,5 2,5
daily time of lighting (hours) 10 10
yearly time of lighting (hours) 3 650 3 650
consumption per year (CZK) 114 062,50 77 562,50

exchange of the lamp every 2 years

higher maintenance costs

exchange of the lamp after 20 years,

10x less waste in terms of lamps,

energy savings approximately 35%

energy savings per year

savings per 10 years


 36 500 CZK

365 000 CZK 

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