LVD technology

LVD technologyThe principle of LVD induction lamps is the absence of electrodes and fibres, which in addition to the life span of 60 000 hours to 100 000 hours and minimum gradual reduction of shine during their lifetime will reduce electricity consumption for industrial lighting, public lighting and indoor lighting by up to 60% compared with conventional sources and distinctly reduce maintenance costs and replacement of luminaries. Also, these LVD lamps offer the type of light that is closest to the sun. LVD induction lamps also reduce air-conditioning costs in the interior lighting due to low operational temperature.

LVD technology can be used in various spheres: In households for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, also for industrial lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, tunnel lighting, petrol stations and hazardous areas.

The light sources are available as compact light bulbs with E27 or E40 thread (including built-in control gear) or as a separate source with external control gear.

Advantages of LVD technology:Principle of functioning of induction lamps

  • 50% energy savings
  • Life span 100 000 hours
  • Immediate start of the light
  • No flashing lights
  • Reliable start even at low temperatures
  • Low temperature of the light source - ideal for indoor lighting
  • Warranty up to 5 years on the lamp, light source and control gear


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