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Our LED lamps are made in the Czech Republic. These luminaries are made of components from EU and US suppliers and we provide above extra guarantee to 5 years.

Chips that we use are of the newest generation with very long life span. These chips are only from prestigious producers.

All our LED luminaries use optics and they have excellent technical parameters (luminous flux higher than 100 lm/W).

The users of LED luminaires can save up to 40-90% of energy compare to the classical luminaries (fluorescent lamps, gas-discharge lamps, halogen lamps).


Other advantages of our luminaries:

  • almost no maintenance needed (no exchange of fluorescent, gas-discharge lamps, etc.)
  • lower charges for circuit breakers, our luminaries have lower ampere charge by more than a half compare to the usual lighting sources
  • extremely high real colour resolution (up to 97 CRI)
  • immediate 100% functioning
  • no stroboscopic effect


Public LED lighting is suitable for:

  • all types of road communications for motor vehicles + highways
  • public spaces
  • shopping centers
  • parking lots
  • cities and municipalities
  • lighting of advertising spaces
  • tunnels
  • billboards
  • aquaparks
  • and others
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