Regulation of the lighting has become one of very often placed requirements regarding lighting realization. If you decide for dimness of the lighting, firstly you have to choose one of the systems which is in the market. The whole lighting configuration is then used for this chosen system.

The main reasons for lighting regulation:

  • reaching the requested lighting in consideration of the operating activity
  • lighting adaptation to customer requirements
  • reaching the requested lighting based on the level of the daylight
  • reduce operating costs for lighting

The result of the lighting regulation is the improved quality of the lighting, more enjoyable work or stay and economical use of electricity.

Controlling of the regulation systems

Regulation of the luminous flux (dimming) is possible in several ways:

  • standard buttons (more light, less light)
  • activity sensors (react to the entrance of the lighted space)
  • ambient light sensors (react to the external lighting through software)
  • remote controlling

LED dimmer

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