Industrial identification

Průmyslová identifikace

Bar codes, labels and other production marking. No product today can be without the identification data. Therefore, no production is possible without an efficient industrial printer, high quality supplies and accessories for industrial identification. And it is not only about production marking. Industrial printers are also used eg. for printing the safety and directional marking for all industries, archiving labels, cable marking and for many other purposes.

In order to make industrial printers even in the toughest conditions beneficial, they must be perfectly reliable, powerful, flexible and usable even in continuous operation. Exactly such a device will deliver a turnkey, including the complete service and consultancy. And we will take care of industrial printers connected to business systems and commissioning.

Industrial printers perform their function only under the condition that during their operation it uses appropriate consumables, whose supply is also taken care of. So you can rest, assured that the product labeling, such as bar codes, labels, tags, etc. are printed in high quality and from a durable material. A part of industrial printers are also programs to create your own proposals of production marking. 

Industrial multifunction BRADY printers

Our company is the premier distributor of American corporations BRADY. We bring a comprehensive solution to the identification of multifunctional printers through high quality supplies to the barcode scanner with special software solutions.

Our product portfolio contains a broad spectrum of hardware for identification and production marking. The ideal combination of thermal transfer printing with excellent adhesives and top materials ensures high-quality and reliable labels for identification of all enterprises and organizations.

An essential part of identification solutions are specialized software packages for design and printing of labels and tags. LabelMark and Codesoft programs are designed for industrial labels. MarkWare program is designed to prepare graphic signs, pipe labels and tags.

Representation: TSC and Zebra

TSC label printers provide compatibility with label printers Zebra as a printer language (EPL, ZPL, ZPL II), the printer driver, firmware and standard consumables.

What we offer in the field of identification:

  • General signs, safety signs, pipe marking
  • Marking for various industries (aerospace, automotive, chemicals-petrochemicals, electronics and electrical engineering, renewable energy, rail, manufacturing, laboratories, telecommunications services)
  • Create your marking at the moment using the thermal transfer printers (road signs, information signs, arrows, inventory management)
  • We offer solutions adapted to your issues
    • Create your own signage
    • Update your signage as often as you need
    • Keep a device with minimal costs
    • Use labeling corresponding the valid regulations
  • Durable labels and tags, quick and easy application, long life span
  • Cable marking (self-laminated label, shrink tubing, nylon tag)
  • Product labels (polyester label, label vinyl, polypropylene label)
  • Excellent visuals, distinctive color printing
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