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BarTender is a program for printing and label design with barcodes. It is a product of Seagull Scientific company which is the leader in labeling programs in the world´s market. It is designed for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is also available in Czech language.

Installation includes printing drivers for all famous printing brands. If your printer won´t be on the list, it is possible to download the most up-to-date controllers from producer´s website Seagull Scientific.

BarTender software is available in 5 basic settings according to the program options, number of users and maximum number of connected printers:

  • BarTender Basic
  • BarTender Profesional
  • BarTender Automation
  • BarTender Enterprise Automation
  • BarTender Print Only

You can find the differences among the individual program settings in a well-arranged guide in PDF format, available HERE.

The software is distributed electronically in the basic version (activation online and Internet connection necessary). A customer downloads a trial version before ordering. In that version he or she can try all the program options. After the order of a chosen licence and payment of licence fee a customer will receive a licence key for unlocking the full program version through e-mail.

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