BBP31 BBP™31 is a printer for signs and labels. It is exactly like a printer should be. Easy to use with many functions. The best thing is that you can use many different types of material with this printer. Thus, it manages printing of all labels which your company needs.

Intelligent consumables

Insert your material, tape cartridge and the printer will do the rest. Consumables use the Smart Cell technology which announces to the printer what is the best way to print your label based on the inserted material.

Touch screen for quick manipulation

The most often used functions are easily available. On the touch screen, you can "drag and drop" the objects and text and until your label looks exactly the way you want.

Various application options

This unique printer can manage printing of all the labels which your company needs. It offers various functions and functions of its application are infinite.

Stand-alone operations or connection with PC

You decide how you want to use the printer - either through PC connection or a stand-alone mobile unit.

Rich software equipment. MarkWare™ Signmark software offers the most advanced computer design and setup options in its category, even more fonts, graphics, templates and import tools.

Basic features

  • You can print labels that are from 12.7 mm to 101.6 mm wide.
  • Labels can be up to 3 m long.
  • The printing speed can reach 76 mm per second.
  • Built-in sampler includes more than 220 graphic patterns.
  • Templates for uniform label style and a library with more than 250 pre-configured signs and labels for quick selection and printing.
  • Supplied system for symbols and barcodes.
  • It prints on one hundred continuous and die-cut parts.


Video BBP31:

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