BBP™33 label printer makes the printing of labels easier and faster. It was created for users who need to change the material very often. This new device also saves the costs and improves the productivity. No more empty labels, quality printout with the first label.

BBP™33 printer can print on 600 different labels and on 40 different types of material. Therefore, it can handle such a wide range of die-cut labels which are used for marking of products or cableways, marking of laboratory equipment and various safety labels and materials for device marking.

Identification of a product

BBP™33 label printer offers extremely quick, flexible and wasteless exchange of the material, which is beneficial for the production environment where the need of material labelling is higher (from labelling of circuits to the shrink tubings use). The printer is compatible with many types of material in currently available and in custom-made sizes. All those types of material are resistant to various types of chemicals and temperatures.

Cable marking
BBP™33 label printer can print on wide range of labels in electro industry and in sectors where are high volumes of lines and cableways. BBP™33 printer increases productivity by the immediate creation of a right label, from the most often bought self-laminated labels through shrink tubing to panel marking, without manual settings of the printer. BBP™33 can print on both sides of shrink tubing and it doesn´t waste any of it. This is a success that printers of other brands can hardly achieve. 

Safety signs and labels for device marking
The universality of the BBP™33 brings cost effective solutions for safety marking and identification of devices and products for each working unit. The portfolio of the new printer includes printing on safety labels, labels for equipment marking, economical indoor and outdoor marking or printing on durable materials suitable for extreme conditions. With one printer you can make everything, as for example photo-luminescent marking of emergency exits, marking in accordance with the Global Harmonized System (GHS), to the pipelines labels. Customers can now choose the stand-alone version of BBP™31 printer or BBP™33 model which is attachable to a computer. You can use the same labelling material in BBP™33 printer as in the stand-alone BBP™31 printer. However, you can also use other labels.

Identification of laboratory equipment
BBP™33 printer eliminates the efforts needed for labeling of samples for observing and identification and thus it helps the laboratory assistants to focus on the countless number of other tasks that they have to complete. BBP™33 works well with materials and labels of the sizes that were developed especially for difficult laboratory conditions in a way to ensure the simple traceability of samples throughout their existence. BBP™33 is a choice number one for laboratories because it has a low impact on environment, it is compatible with specific labels for laboratory marking and it has a great applicability/usability.

BBP™33 printer is also compatible with Brady software programs, including MarkWare™, LabelMark™ and Codesoft™ labeling softwares. These labeling software programs enable fast label creation and barcode creation including symbols and data imports.

Video BBP33:

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