BBP35 and BBP37


Brady's new BBP35-37 multicolour, cut sign label printer offers outstanding colour and cutting capabilities to quickly create a safer, more productive facility. The printer's simple, automatic label set-up and intuitive touch screen enables you to make signs on demand and on-site in any colour and shape!

Attention grabbing safety and lean facility signs can reduce machine downtime, increase productivity and help to meet compliancy, safety and efficiency goals. They instruct employees and contractors on optimal work procedures, warn against dangers and promote safety precautions. The BBP35-37 printer enables professionals to create highly customisable signage to increase a facility's safety and productivity on demand and on-site.


The printer offers:

  • Outstanding colour
  • A wide variety of signs per label supply
  • 12,7 cm/second print speed
  • 'Drop-in' consumables for 20'' material changeovers
  • Automatic label set-up
  • LAN connectivity (Wi-Fi optional)
  • Stand alone use
  • Only BPP37 has cutting capabilities


BBP35-37 works perfectly with the Brady Workstation, a downloadable App platform that opens up a host of dedicated signage creation Apps. Combined with Brady Workstation, the BBP35-37 printer enables an on-site and on demand creation of any customised lean or safety sign a facility could require.


Video BBP35-37:
















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