BBP85 BBP™85 label printer with a thermal printout and 300 dpi resolution can make strong, colourful and visual materials that are up to 254 mm wide. It has a big touch screen and intuitive, easy-to-use interface which enables quick and easy production of labels. You can use a wide range of materials for the printer, including self-adhesive, polyester, reflective, phosphorescent labels and labels with a pre-printed letterhead. Thanks to a really easy use without complicated setup, you can make quality, colourful and eye-catching materials practically immediately.

Excellent visuals. Without any problems.

  • Immutable, big visual materials up to 254 mm wide
  • Just come to the printer and print... Nothing else needed!
  • Easy interface of the touch screen serves to a single use: printing possible also for a computer with MarkWare™ software
  • Application with suggestions serves the quick creation of pipe marking, safety labels, legally informative labels, etc.
  • USB port for file import, fonts, and images

Strong, colourful printout

  • Highly resistant, colourful, thermo printing
  • Faster printing on labels of ordinary formats thanks to reserves of material with a pre-printed letterhead
  • Other possibilities of label marking with MarkWare™ software (3.9.3 and higher versions)
  • Ethernet port for easy printing in terms of the network

The best materials

Labels and tags from Brady are resistant to challenging conditions. They do not glue off even from the most challenging surfaces and their life span is higher than a life span of any other material in the market. If you have BBP85 printer available, you can choose from more than a hundred options. You can choose from:

  • wide range of materials that are 101.60 mm to 254 mm wide for outdoor industrial applications,
  • special materials including reflexive and phosphorescent materials,
  • materials with a pre-printed letterhead CLP (GHS), marking of electric arc danger and labels for OSH or according to ANSI which needs to be set up only once!

Choose from a variety of durable, grease resistant, single- and multi-coloured cassette tapes.

Chip on each piece of consumables ensures communication with the computer regarding material. Therefore, there is no need for any setting up.


Video BBP85:

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