BMP™51 and BMP™53


If you need understandable and durable labels on the spot, you need the BMP™51 or BMP™53 Label Maker from Brady company. It offers bright printout, easy formatting, practical label formats and accuracy, which is useful for labels preparation, electrotechnical and data installation, for marking in laboratories and operational premises or for printing safety marking.

You can do it faster

  • Replacing of consumables in a jiffy. An easy inserting and replacing of the print cartridges containing a label and ribbon!
  • Automatic formatting of labels. Each cartridge uses Smart Cell technology, which controls all settings and it also sets the label format automatically. It is easy, you just insert the cartridge and the printer does the rest for you.
  • Quick printing. With the printing speed of 25.4 mm per second. Thus, you don't have to wait long.
  • Resistant built-in knife. The device has built-in, separate knife which easily cuts any type of material and even holds the label until you take it out from the printer.

BMP53You can do it easier

  • Power Option. You can use AC power, AA batteries or rechargeable Li-Ion batteries which enable printing over 3 000 labels per one charge.
  • Wireless connection. Bluetooth® built-in technology and selectable Wi-Fi card allows using wireless connection for printing.
  • Robust software. LabelMark™ software enables barcode printing, date and time insertion, picture insertion or automatic serialization of data.
  • Continuous and die-cut labels. If you need to mark wires, cables, panels or devices you can do it all with one printer. You can choose from more than 20 types of material and more than 130 standard sizes.
  • Labels up to the size of 38.10 mm. You can make labels which can be easily seen from a long distance (or make continuous strips up to 1 m).
  • Magnet. The printer can still be at disposal, if you attach it to the switchboard door, metal ladder or any other metal surface.

You can do it reliably

  • Long lasting labels. Our labels don´t fade out, don´t blur nor fall off – if you mark something with the labels, it lasts.
  • Robust printer that you can rely on. This printer will survive in any type of challenging environment, at all the temperatures and what more it has robust construction tested for dropping.

Video BMP51:

Video BMP53:


BMP 51 Preview

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