BMP™71 portable label printer can print on labels of more than 30 different materials - all of them are made with industrial durability of Brady products.

If you need shrink sleeves, production labels or coloured vinyl tapes for general marking you can be sure that the BMP™71 printer has the right material for all your requirements.

Speed up your work with labels

BMP™71 powerful printer can print faster than any other printer in a given class (38 mm/s). You don´t have to wait longer than it´s really necessary.

Full keyboard enables you write the labels text much quicker

BMP™71 printer has a full QWERTZ keyboard including Czech diacritics and a full menu in Czech language for an easy use. While writing the text you can use both hands instead of just one finger and therefore, save time.

Printing of your labels will be much easier thanks to the bigger full colour display

Enlarged BMP™71 printer display enables to show the whole label at once, which significantly simplifies the work, increases efficiency during labels creation and eliminates the necessity of attempts and failures.

One smart printer for printing all of the identifications

BMP™71 printer is a necessary device which will handle all the requirements of the labels creation.

Video BMP™71:

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