BP-PR Plus

BP-PR Plus

BradyPrinter™, a model of BP-PR Plus series, is a robust industrial printer suitable for demanding printing applications, especially high-volume printing or printing of very small labels. It is suitable for identification and traceability of the products, especially in electrical engineering and telecommunications devices or in laboratory environment because it has a high quality printout.


BP-PR Plus model enables a frequent exchange of printing materials with different coil diameters, but simultaneously, it sustains the high quality of printing.

Flexible and easy to use

  • Optional accessories can extend functions of the printer – labels peeler, rewinding unit and peeled-off labels scanner

Actual standby mode

  • Plug and Play functions within a standard keyboard and a scanner with USB interface.

Variety of materials

  • Possibility of using different materials from paper to heat-resistant polyamide.

Different sizes of coils

  • Printer configuration enables easy exchange of materials of different coil diameters.

Easy calibration

  • It enables frequent exchange of materials and thus, it lowers the volume of waste.

Large graphic display

  • The display is backlit with white light with four lines, it ensures good readability, clearer symbols and Chinese is one of the available languages.

Navigation pad

  • Easy manipulation, interactive offer which shows available functions only in readable form. LED coloured pilot lights.

Replaceable printing heads

  • Printing heads of 203 and 300 dpi can be replaced in several easy steps.

Easy programming language

  • Easy creation of simple labels in standby mode.

Efficient diagnostic tool; Software and other functions

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