BSP31A revolutionary product for histology and anatomic pathology specimen labeling, the BSP™31 Label Attachment System gives labs the ability to permanently attach labels to tissue cassettes - resulting in more accurate specimen tracking and sample management.

How it works - after a specimen label has been applied to a cassette, the cassette is inserted into the BSP31 Label Attachment System, where four small heat probes pierce through the corners of the label and cassette. The heat melts the cassette's plastic into rivets, which then permanently hold the label in place at its four corners.

These rivets prevent the label from detaching, so the specimen label remains identifiable through histology and anatomic pathology tissue processing protocols and up to 20 years in storage.

The BSP31 Label Attachment System must be used exclusively with Brady B-482 tissue cassette label material and Brady R6400 thermal transfer printer ribbon.

The BSP®31 Label Attachment System is a trademark of Brady Worldwide, Inc.


Main features

  • Used in laboratory identification and healthcare identification
  • Pre-process identification for tissue samples allowing traceability throughout the laboratory processes and storage
  • Greater efficiency and address market need for labeling small volumes of tissue cassettes
  • Reduce the chance of identification errors and reduce the liability; back up system for high volume laboratories
  • Features more accurate specimen tracking and sample management
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