EPREP labels


EPREP is a special self-adhesive label developed to be looking the same (0.65 mm wide) as the ordinary engraved label. Thanks to the foam construction and extra strong acrylic adhesive it perfectly holds even on a rough surface as for example hammer varnish.

As oppose to engraving, thermo printing technology is used for preparation of EPREP labels and the final printout is made by oleoresin baked into the label. Thanks to EPREP labels you can now prepare engraved labels by yourself, without any need for a complicated and time consuming ordering process.


  • You can print the labels by yourself without a complicated ordering process and right when you need it
  • Just make a change and prepare a new label, if the project setting changes - the risk of inappropriate labels is not a threat anymore
  • A new label is printed within a few seconds
  • With the portable printer you can also print labels even outside of your working unit - during installation at the customer´s place

EPREP labelReducing costs

  • Comparable or lower prices in comparison with ordinary engraved labels
  • No need to keep the labels in stock
  • No losses or waste because of unused labels
  • Significantly lower investment to machinery in comparison to engraving devices - price of the printer from 15 000 CZK (from 599 EUR)!

Other advantages

  • Possibility to print graphics, logos, symbols - import of any pictures in common formats (jpg, bmp, eps)
  • Possibility to print Russian alphabet and other nonstandard fonts - printing of any symbol patterns in possible because of the connection to PC
  • EPREP labelData import - import data from external programs (xls, txt, etc.)
  • Serialization - an easy preparation of serialized labels
  • High speed of printing - up to hundreds of labels per minute
  • Dust-free preparation - no dust is produced during the printing process
  • Extreme resistance to temperatures (-40 ⁰C to 100 ⁰C) and UV radiation
  • Extreme resistance to chemicals - oleorosin printout is resistant to majority of common chemicals, oils and resolvents
  • Various standard sizes, possibility of making special sizes based on customer´s requirements
  • Variety of colourful versions
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