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Eurac Hradec s.r.o.

Brake disc

The device for laser marking of brake discs was installed in the company Eurac Hradec s.r.o.

A line of laser marking is directly connected to the conveyor of brake discs from a painting line. On the painting line conveyor there are brake discs are fitted to rotary thorns which are driven by chain conveyor. A double-belt conveyor which is at an angle and moving at the same speed as the chain conveyor with revolving spines will be placed on this conveyor.

A Laser marker is in the third position of the rotary table. A Laser marking head is moved up and down, but also towards and away from the disc. This ensures compliance with the focal distance of the laser from the disc and the position of the disc on the mandrel. Labelling runs piece-wise. When one part is described the disc rotates and describes the next part of the disc. During the describing process the entire workplace of labelling is covered with a safety cover.

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Order content:

  • Input conveyor and manipulator
  • Detection of the milling work
  • Position of the laser description without marking head
  • Output conveyor
  • Rotary table with a frame
  • Control box including software
  • Transport
  • Laser


Photos from the set up:

Input conveyor and manipulatorInput conveyor and manipulatorInput conveyor and manipulatorInput conveyor and manipulator

Video from the test:

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