InkJet technology

Inkjet PrinterInkjet systems enable contactless marking of cellular and non-cellular materials in a production process. A wide range of unique inks enables printing on various materials in all industrial branches.

Thanks to the top technology we can offer you two types of inkjet devices for marking with pigment or non-pigment ink. Inkjet printers can print on products with simple text, date of production, expiration date, current time, shift code, logo or also barcode. All the printing functions are easily available thanks to a touch screen and enable an easy controlling of the whole system for the user.

We design and produce the newest range of systems and technology for direct and permanent marking of pieces and components in production processes.

The quality of our marking devices is much appropriated in several market sectors such as: automotive, aerospace industry, transfer of liquids and energy, medicine and biomedical engineering, foundry industry, heavy industry and many others.

Why to choose Inkjet printers:

  • Contactless marking of products
  • Unique touch screen
  • Integrated graphic editor
  • Prints and communicates in Czech language
  • Doesn´t flush the system during switching on and off
  • Rich range of inks, wide application in industry
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