IP Printer

IP Printer

You wouldn´t believe that printing can be so easy. IP™ Printer is a component of a complex solution for printing. It is actually the first THT device, which uses Smart Cell technology for mutual communication with material, ribbon and software. 

Irreplaceable components of the printing system of IP™ Printer are:
- IP™ Printer
- BradySoft™ software or LabelMark™ and others


Smart Cell technology

  • The printer communicates with software, materials for printout and printing tapes, which markedly simplify the printing process. Smart Cell technology (intelligent chip) is based on a mutual communication of intelligent basic construction units of the system.
  • Insert the labels for printing from Brady IP™ Series, which are specified for this printing system and software will automatically recognize this material.
  • It visually checks information about the printer and established based materials on a PC monitor through the status informative windows.

Intelligence by design

  • There is no need of calibration of continuous materials or materials with labels where the gap between the labels or a dent is necessary for identification.
  • Innovated and easier system of material plumbing points the labels always to the middle of the printer and so, it assures quality and smooth printout.
  • Easy material inserting with a direct path conduction.
  • Various ink ribbons for Brady IP system ensures high-quality and bright printout.

Intuitive LCD display

  • Displays appropriate material for printout and print ribbon.
  • Visually displayed sensor position.
  • It monitors the labels and ribbons consumption.
  • It displays information for intelligent removing of defects together with correction precautions.

Ready to use

  • Thermo-transfer printing, width of a tape for printout is 105 mm, printing resolution of 300 dpi or 600 dpi.
  • Low weight, material inserting from the top side, compatible construction.
  • Standard communication access point through USB, serial interface and Ethernet with 10/100 Mbit/s transfer speed.

IP Printer







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