PAM3600 applicator provides a high quality thermo-transfer printing with 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolutions. Therefore, the appropriate flexibility for quickly changing assignment of the description and high productivity is guaranteed.

Higher value for less money - in challenging automatic identification applications. Unique principle of "no waiting" during processing and tracking in real time enables PAM3600 shortering the printing time and time of labels application to one half. It causes a shorter production cycles and saves costs. Wrongly printed labels can be immediately sorted to the repeated printing up to three times. It definitely contributes to time and cost savings.

PAM3600 is also characterized by a patented dosing system for a precise, quick and synchronic "print-grip-application" action.

PAM3600 is the new device for printing and application. It offers maximum usage with regard to parameters of printing belt (format, diameter, paper recognition), programming languages, applicable types of font and barcodes. PAM3600 is a compact and lightweight production device as its measures are 390 x 420 x 277 mm (height x width x depth).


PAM3600 specifications

  • Resolution: 300/600 dpi
  • Label width (max.): 115 mm
  • Printout width: 105.6 mm
  • PC Connectivity: yes
  • Interface (USB, serial port, paralel): USB, serial
  • LCD display: LCD
  • Stand alone (autonomous) mode: yes
  • Keyboard: no


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