Portable printers

Portable devices for labels and tags printing use intelligent chip technology for auto-calibration. Thanks to the high amount of consumables in cartridges, a customer can quickly exchange it and immediately solve all the identification at the workplace. It is ideal for applications with printing consumption up to 1000 labels per day.


BMP™21-Plus Label Printer is a combination of resistant construction with intelligent options for printing on electric signs, cables and smooth surfaces.





BMP™41 Label Printer is suitable for many applications such as cableway marking, printing of PermaSleeves™, marking of electrical components, terminal blocks, general marking or laboratory identification. Just print everything only once and you're done.



BMP51 a BMP53

If you need to create understandable and durable labels on the spot, you need BMP™51 or BMP™53 Label Maker from Brady company. It offers a bright printout, an easy formatting, practical label formats and portability which is useful for a preparation of electro-technical and data installations, marking in laboratories and operational premises or for safety marking printing.


BMP61The BMP®61 Label Printer is the direct replacement to our flagship labeler, the TLS®2200 Thermal Transfer Label Printer. With improved print technology across the board, the BMP61 Label Printer is the ultimate answer to wire, cable and component identification plus more. Shop for the BMP61 printer, labels, ribbons, and accessories by clicking the category you want to browse below.




BMP™71 Label Printer can print various label formats including PermaSleeves™, self-laminating wrap around for cable marking, Brady engraved labels EPREP replacement, die-cut labels and much more.

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