Production labels

Polyimid label, polyester label, vinyl label, polypropylen label

PolyimidPolyesterová etiketaVinylPolypropylen

Polyimid labePolyimid label

Polyimid labels are designed to withstand multiple cycles of harsh condition washes for printed circuit boards (PCB).

  • Soldering and washing resistant
  • Temperature resistance -70°C to 350°C

Polyesterová etiketaWhite polyester with strong adhesive

  • Polyester with permanent rubber adhesive
  • Ultra-adhesive glue for rough or powder-coated surfaces
  • Temperature resistance -40 ⁰C to 120 ⁰C

Application: general labels, labels with barcodes and rating plates

Stříbrný polyesterSilver polyester

  • Metallized polyester with a permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Temperature resistance -40 ⁰C to 120 ⁰C

Application: rating plates, labeling of electronic components

Vinyl tags of various kinds

  • Vinyl fabric with transferable rubber-based adhesive
  • Temperature resistance -40 ⁰C to 82 ⁰C

Application: wire marking and electrical components labeling, general marking

Vinylová etiketaReflexive vinyl label - continual

  • Reflexive vinyl with acrylic adhesive
  • Temperature resistance -40 ⁰C to 70 ⁰C

Application: it is ideal for environment with not very strong light because of its reflexive layer

Versions: black font/white background; black font/yellow background

Resistant vinyl label

  • Highly resistant vinyl with permanent acrylic adhesive
  • The average outdoor life span is 5 years
  • Temperature resistance -40 ⁰C to 82 ⁰C

Application: general marking, safety signs, pipe marking

Versions: white font/black background; black font/transparent background; white font/transparent background; black font/orange background; white font/rot background; rot font/white background; black font/yellow background; white font/green background; white font/blue background; black font/white background

Polypropylenová etiketaNon-stick polypropylene label

  • Designed for using in the areas where is a need for high tacking in a pull. Without adhesive, for attaching by a cable tape.
  • Temperature resistance -40 ⁰C to 100 ⁰C


Application: inventory information about wires, cables and products

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