RFID technology

RFID-logoRadio Frequency Identification is another generation of identifiers designed (not only) for identification of goods. It follows the barcode system.

While the identification technology is still developing, the new technologies based on contactless scanning are becoming more and more important. It is evident, that it will become a technology of the future which will replace all the current ways of identification.

Contactless microchips or tags enable clear identification of a product without a need for visual tag and scanner.

It can be used in various areas:

  • practically unlimited use in the industrial identification
  • monitoring of production operations and products
  • identification of clothes (working uniforms, medical clothes, etc.)
  • health care (labelling of medicine, patients, personnel, health care material, etc.)
  • quick and easy evidence of wealth

Types of RFID microchips:

1. Passive RFID transmitter (scanner) periodically send impulses to the surroundings. If there is any passive RFID microchip in the surrounding, it uses the received signal to charge its supply condenser and sends a reply.

2. Active RFID - used less often than passive tags RFIID. They are more complicated and more expensive because of an extra source of supply that they contain. These tags are able to send impulses of its own identification – therefore they are used for active localization.

It is the possibility of storing own data directly to a memory that significantly broadens the implementation of such a technology.

The main aspects for implementation of RFID technology:RFID-technology

  • contactless scanning
  • ability to store the data directly to a tag memory
  • ability to scan more tags at once
  • definite identification through unique ID number
  • easy manipulation
  • wide scanning range
  • resistance to external factors

The features and abilities of these contactless tags already destine this technology to wide spectrum of possible applications, mainly in areas where current identification technologies are not reliable enough or they cannot be installed due to extremely challenging conditions.

Aledo s r.o. is an important systematic integrator cooperating with the leading producers and suppliers of contactless microchips and tags.

Based on our practical experience we offer a complex solutions including elaboration of a whole system study, a proposal of a possible way of encapsulation of tags, supply of scanner enabling also mobile scanning or big distance scanning and others.

Contactless microchip technology is entering the scene step by step and Aledo is ready to present the advantages it brings.

Radio Frequency Identification

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