Specialized devices

A combined technology for printing and automatic application of labels is the right solution for continual production of cables, cable bunches, electronic components, printed circuit boards (PCB) and other industrial applications.



PAM3600 applicator provides a high quality thermo-transfer printing with 300 and 600 dpi resolutions. Therefore, the appropriate flexibility for quickly changing assigment of the description and high productivity is guaranteed.






The BSP31 label attachment system is a printing solution for reliable specimen tracking and management. It uses heat to melt a cassette label into place, providing a permanent hold. Find out more about the BSP31 label attachment system or shop for additional accessories.



BSP45Brady's BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator is an easy-to-use, faster and more cost-effective alternative to manual sleeve application. It increases wire sleeve application speed by up to 6-10 seconds by automatically removing sleeves from the liner, opening and applying them to the wires. By eliminating the tedious task of applying hundreds of wire sleeves, it gives workers more time to focus on other important tasks. 


BSP61The BSP™61 Print and Apply System offers a fully automatic labelling solution anywhere along the production line. It combines a thermal transfer label printer with an automatic applicator and is designed to consistently print and accurately position and apply labels in almost all manufacturing applications. 





Brady Wraptor™ is a printer and applicator for identification marking of wires and cables providing printing and application of labels in less than five seconds.

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