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As the name implies, thermo printers use heat during the printing. This type of printers can be divided into two subgroups - direct printing and thermo-transfer.

Printing through thermo-transfer is conducted by special colouring tape, which in place where it is heated up loosens a colour on a paper. During the heating up a chemical reaction takes place in this layer and it causes the hot part to go black. The advantage of this technology is that there is no need for any further colour or any other medium and printing mechanism is very easy and low-cost. A disadvantage is the limited life span of the printing and an abrasion.

What is a thermo-transfer?

Thermo-transfer technology uses a thermo-transfer ribbon (TTR), which can be used for many materials. Therefore, this technology allows marking of plastic and cartoon packages of products with barcodes, dates of production, expiration dates and others, etc. (resolution up to 300 dpi). A press release is easy to edit. The thermo-transfer printing principle is based on the contact of a heated head with coverage over a special thermo-transfer (TTR) foil.

A flexibility of thermo-transfer marking which is stable or is moving on a packing foil, cartoon, paper, etc. is almost unlimited. Thermo-transfer printers are fully programmable systems enabling high quality printing. They enable marking the company logos, barcodes, 2D codes, and broad texts in vertical as well as horizontal orientation. The direct marking on a foil without a need of label use, allows direct savings of production costs.

Thermo-transfer technology lies in a quick heating up and cooling of each spots on TT head. Printing head is divided into a high number of points (up to 600 dpi). Very thin layers of special coloured tape can be applied on the marked object thanks to the pressure and temperature.

Advantages: high quality printing, wide range of use, compact size, easy manipulation

Disadvantages: limited life span of the printing, higher abrasion of the printing head

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