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Brady Wraptor™ is a printer and applicator for identification marking of wires providing printing and application of labels in less than five seconds.

Brady Wraptor™ can really in five seconds automatically make a printout or application of identification marking on cable, bundle of wires or an individual wire. This outstanding efficiency is based on the newest Brady chip technology.

Wraptor unit recognizes all the data it needs for example width, height (length) or margins of the label, right after the inserting of material with labels for printing. Also, a heavy-handed and often costly calibration or adjustment of label length process are actions carried out with the traditional thermo-transfer printers.

Brady Wraptor™ device excels out with its easy setup and operations and it also minimizes ribbon wasting.

Wraptor™ device works with high quality, abrasive resistant and standardized materials (according to UL/CSA) from Brady´s offer. The consequence is that the marking stays right there where it should be, meaning it is permanently fixed to a cable.

If Wraptor™ works as a single unit, a high security of data is guaranteed, because the unit at a workplace doesn´t need PC or notebook connection. Labels libraries are pre-loaded through USB port, serial links RS-232, PCMCIA card or network connection.

All the stated options are a part of Wraptor™ unit supply. 


Wraptor™ specifications:

  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Label width (max.): 50.8 mm
  • Printout width: 50.8 mm
  • PC Connectivity: yes
  • Interface (USB, serial port, paralel): USB, serial, paralel
  • LCD display: touch screen LCD
  • Stand alone (autonomous) mode: yes
  • Keyboard: no
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