New BBP™12 Label Printer

BBP12Brady's new BBP™12 Label Printer prints durable self-laminating labels, wrap-around labels, sleeves, cable flags and tags, terminal block, breaker box and patch panel labels. With the compact and reliable BBP12, you can identify almost every cable and component with a quality label!


A wide range of labels

BBP12 is an entry-level benchtop printer with an incredible amount of label options optimised for different environments. Able to print on nylon cloth, polyester, polyimide, polyolefin, polypropylene, vinyl and tamper evident materials, the standard BBP12 can print on 390 labels, ranging from 10 to 120 mm wide.

Free unwinder

Thanks to the free external label unwinder add-on, the amount of labels the BBP12 can print, is expanded further to a staggering 1300 labels. This enables the small BBP12 to print a durable identification label for almost any cable or component, in any environment.

Easy calibration

The BBP12 is able to calibrate a huge amount of identification labels thanks to its gap sensor and adjustable black mark sensor. A crisp LCD-display and Brady's intuitive LabelMark software support quick printing of your data on almost any identification label.

Video BBP12:

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