BRADY Products

ALEDO s.r.o. offers a comprehensive range of LOTO resources and tools from BRADY:

  • Universal Valve Lockout
  • Mechanical Risk LockoutBrady - logo
  • Electrical Risk Lockout
  • Padlocks and Hasps
  • Lock Boxes and Padlock Centres
  • Lockout Bags

Brady Corporation

Brady's mission is to provide innovative identification solutions to customers around the world, bring about a higher level of safety, security, productivity and performance. Brady has been in business since 1914.

Brady CorporationMore than 15,000 kinds of standard products for safety marking identifying products and people by far the widest range, which is on the world market.

Brady 6,500 employees on all continents of the world care about the highest quality of products and services and serve more than half a million customers. In addition, an extensive network of distributors ensures fast delivery and a highly qualified advice for any specific needs of individual customers.

Brady Corporation since 1999 as a joint stock company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the title BRC. Main Brady Corporation headquarters is located in Milwaukee (USA). Brady dozens of factories are located in all major industrial regions of the US, Europe and Asia.

In 2005, the corporation opened its subsidiary company for the region of Central and Eastern Europe in Bratislava. Local skilled service department is ready to provide any assistance in orders, offers and info about the products and service centre experts provide full technical support to customers across the region.

In 1990, Brady first responded to the legislation on occupational health and safety (OSH) in the United States and it has ever since maintained its position as the leading provider of solution Lockout/Tagout. Currently, the company offers Brady comprehensive package of products and services related to compliance with the procedure Lockout/Tagout.

Brady offers a comprehensive range of LOTO resources and tools - padlocks (security, non-conductive and brass locks), lockout devices (universal valve lockout, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards), labels, lockout boxes, padlocks stations and more.

Brady Products

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