Electrical Risk Lockout

Brady Electrical Risk Lockout

Miniature Circuit Breaker A safe and effective method for locking out European Circuit Breakers as fits most of their existing types.
  • Miniature Breaker Lockout unique in its kind = requires NO TOOLS to install
  • The lockout easily installs with the aid of a Push Button
  • The Tie-Bar Style Lockout has a convenient thumb wheel for quick applicattion
  • Suitable for single and multi-pole breakers
  • Made from glass-filled nylon
  • Available in single or six pack
  • 1 padlock can be applied
EZ Panel Loc System 

Covers most 120V-277V breakers!

  • Works on wide range of breakers, including single- and multi-pole configurations
  • Makes use of unique lock rail system
  • Allows panel door to be closed even when lockouts are in place
  • Accomodates multiple locks, facilitating group lockout activity without hasps
  • Keeps weight off the breakers, protecting delicate electrical components from damage
  • Positions locks and tags outside the panel, making sure lockout activity is clearly visible to anyone in the area
 Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout

Universal Multi-Pole Lockout works with most two or three pole breakers utilising a tie-bar.

  • Compatiblewith GE, ITE, Sylvania, Challenger, Bryan, Westinghouse, General Switch Co. ...
  • Use thumbscrews to clamp lockout securely over tie-bar, then insert lock to prevent clamp from being loosened
  • Made of durable Moulded Glass-filled Nylon
  • 1 padlock can be applied
Economy Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout 

Economical solution designed to fit multi-pole breakers!

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • 1 padlock can be applied
 Single Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout

Quick and easy - just snap in place and apply a lock!

  • Designed for breakers that have holes in the switch tongue
  • Dual cavities accomodate different size switch tongues
  • 1 padlock can be applied
480-600V Breaker Lockout

Perfect for locking out oversized and irregularly shaped switches.

  • Self adhesive backed rails are permanently installed onto an electrical panel - simply clean panel surface and adhere - no drilling required!
  • Red blocking bar indicates locked "off"
  • Green blocking bar indicates locked "on"
  • 1 padlock can be applied
  • Kit includes: 2 yellow mounting rails, 1 red blocking bar, 1 green blocking bar and 3 alcohol wipes
 Uzávěr jističů No Hole

Works on wide range of single-pole and internal-trip multi-pole breakers.

  • Use thumbscrews to clamp lockout securely onto switch tongue, the pull cover over thumbscrew and lock in place to prevent clamp from being loosened
  • Made of rugged Polypropylene & Moulded Glass-filled Nylon
  • Detachable cleats (included) expand the range of applicable breakers
  • 1 padlock can be applied

3-in-1 Electrical Plug Lockout

Accomodates high and low-voltage plugs up to 76 mm in diameter and 139 mm in length.

  • Two sliding top lids can be used individually or together to accomodate small, medium and large diameter cords up to 31 mm
  • Made in bright yellow thermoplastic
  • With English instruction labels
  • 1 padlock can be applied
Lockout Device for Plug Connections Highly effective against unauthorised or incorrect use of electrical equipment.
  • Simply to use
  • Especially developed to secure all types of plugs
Hubbel Plugout for Industrial Plug Connections

Effectively secures all industrial plug connections.

Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout Accomodates a large variety of electrical plugs up to 89 mm diameter and 127 mm in length as well as male air hose connectors.
  • Works on 110V, 220V and 550V plugs
  • Made of Polystyrene material
  • 4 padlocks can be applied
Lockout Bag For securing plugs on portable appliances, cables on pneumatic connectors, crane pendants, etc.
  • Made of rugged canvas with drawstring
  • Can be locked closed

 Twist and Secure™ Push Button & E-Stop Covers

Made to temporarily prevent access to the ON/OFF and emergency stop controls for production and facility utility operating equipment.

  • Fast and convenient lockout at the point of need
  • One time installation of the low profile, unobtrusive lockout base
  • Provides an obvious, visual indication that the equipment control button is locked out, as well as a view through the translucent cover of the ON/OFF status of E-Stop buttons
  • Standardised bases allow authorised workers to apply a single provided cover to any of numerous equipment control buttons
Push Button Lockouts

Guard against unauthorised operation or accidental activation.
  • Two sizes to accomodate standard NEMA 30.5 mm and IEC 22.5 mm buttons
  • Emergency Stop Safety Covers for permanent installation over push/pull or twist-release emergency stops - made from durable metal bar locks button in the depressed (off) position when lock shackle is inserted
  • Push Button Safety Covers to completely cover buttons and prevent access

MasterLock Electrical Lock-out

Grip Tight™ Circuit Breaker Lockout 
  • Innovative patented Grip Tight™ design effectively locks out circuit breakers
  • Fits wide or tall breaker toggles typically found on hi-voltage/hi-amperage breakers
  • Adjust to breaker with simple thumb turn and then close clamping handle for a tight grip on the toggle
  • Great strength with universal fit
  • Durable construction with powder coated steel and reinforced polymer for operation in harsh environments
  • Available in two sizes
Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Pin-out Toggles 
  • Locks out most miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers throughout the world
  • Fits breakers with toggle openings 7/16in (11 mm) or less
  • Works with all Master Lock and American Lock safety padlocks and lockout hasps
  • Patented
 Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Pin-in Toggles
  • Locks out most miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers throughout the world
  • Fits breakers with lockout holes on the outside of the switch
  • Fits openings up to 1/2in (13 mm) between lockout holes
  • Patented
 Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Universal Fit
  • Locks out virtually all miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers throughout the world
  • Fits on breaker toggles and can be tightened using screwdriver
  • Works with all Master Lock and American Lock safety padlocks and lockout hasps
  • Small screwdriver not included
Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Cover 
  • Prohibits access to a switch or control
  • Fits both 30.5 mm and 22.5mm diameter switches
  • Clear bases and cover allow visibility of nameplates and labels
  • Horse-shoe shaped retrofit base allows use with raised nameplates and off-center installation to accommodate rotary switch knobs
  • Accommodates buttons up to 50 mm diameter and 45 mm tall
  • Includes one cover, one new install base and one retrofit base with double-faced adhesive tape
Installed Push Button and Rotary Switch Cover 
  • Prohibits access to a switch or control
  • Captured by the rotary or push button switch bezel
  • Fits both 30.5 mm and 22.5 mm diameter switches
  • Clear base and cover allow visibility of nameplates and labels
  • Accommodates buttons up to 40 mm diameter and 45 mm tall
 Circuit Breaker Compact Padlock
  • Circuit Breaker Compact Padlock. Keyed different
  • 3/16in (4.7 mm) diameter cable shackle allows safety padlock to properly lock all types of circuit breaker lockout devices
  • Flexible cable allows the compact lock body to be positioned so most panel doors can be closed
  • Fits the tight space constraints within circuit breaker shutoff boxes
Rotating Electrical Plug Lockout 
  • Outward/inward rotation allows for easier application and storage
  • Surrounds the electrical plug and protects against accidental reconnection
  • Patented rotating design allows for easier installation in confined space applications
  • Tough, lightweight, dielectric thermoplastic bodies withstand chemicals
  • Performs effectively in extreme conditions
  • For 120 volt plugs and many 240 volt plugs
 Oversized Plug & Hoist Control Cover
  • Effectively locks out odd size and large electrical connectors and hoist controls
  • The cinch sack offers broad application solutions
  • 7in (178 mm) diameter x 17in (432 mm) tall
  • Insert PVC tubing to block access to hoist control buttons
  • Flexible and durable rip-stop nylon bag fits easily in safety tool boxes
  • Accepts up to 6 safety padlocks or lockout hasps
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