Floor marking

We provide floor marking for storage and industrial halls and underground garages.

Marking on the floors in storage and production halls will ensure:

  • fulfilment of normative requirements for work safety (width of aisles, movement of persons and handling equipment in one space ...) and fire safety
  • operators requirements for high-quality organization of logistics during storing and also during manipulation with material

Aledo services in the area of floor marking include:

  • initial judgment of a condition
  • marking draft
  • we provide floor marking which marks communications for vehicles and mobile devices in indoor workplaces in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations of ČSN 26 9010, ČSN 26 9030 and Government Regulation no. 11/2002 Coll.
  • implementation with a following maintenance or remarking
  • in terms of a life span, these are the most challenging elements of the marking; it is necessary to regularly refresh the marking especially in operations with higher pollution and heavy handling equipment

Self-adhesive tapes and symbolsAnti-slip tapes and symbolsPhotoluminescent tapes and symbolsFloor coatings

We do the realization of floor marking after the consultation with a customer with some of the technologies:

Quality floor marking tapes with highly resistant rubber adhesive. The lines can be realized in several widths (from 50 mm).

The marking is resistant to chemicals. The advantage is the speed and a possibility of easy elimination (change). However, the life span is shorter in comparison with paint. Also, it cannot be used in areas with heavy handling equipment.

Marking with floor acrylic paint or epoxy resin.

The line width is variable. High adhesion to a given surface (especially concrete floor), colour stability. Quick drying (handling equipment can be used after 4-6 hours). Scratching resistant. Longer life span in comparison to floor tapes. Application can be done through a device without an internal combustion engine with low level of noise creation and without hall environment pollution.

Floor marking

These are the most challenging elements of marking. It is necessary to regularly refresh the marking especially in operations with higher pollution and heavy handling equipment. In that case, a part of our supply is the elimination of an old and damaged marking.

Delivery includes: Technical Data Sheet + Material Safety Data Sheet + Declaration of Conformity

Also other marking in storage and production halls can be included into the supply.

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