Floor tapes

Floor tapes are a great prevention to falls and accidents at workplace. They are priceless especially in production and logistics halls, public places, offices, etc. We offer a wide range of different types, colours and sizes of the tapes from certified materials.


  • high resistance
  • quality material
  • long life span
  • easy and quick application


Marking tape

Unique marking tape which is 50 mm wide for quick and efficient orientation in storages, halls, industrial properties at any place where an easy solution is needed.

It is a revolutionary and unique solution in floor marking.


Extremely resistant tapes on the floor ToughStripe™ are made from polyester B - 514. They are ideal for marking of passages, aisles, storage and expedition premises or for marking of edges and corners in the operation.

  • Excellent durability
  • Easy application
  • High visibility
  • Easy elimination
  • Die-cut shapes
Security anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tapes are the easiest solution for prevention of accidents at the workplace. They are a perfect prevention instrument from slipping. They are suitable for every interior and also can be used outside in places where is a risk of slipping. Their self-adhesive part guarantees an easy and exact application.

  • Extremely stable tape with rough surface
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Easily removable
Photoluminescent anti-slip tape Photoluminescent anti-slip tapes are an ideal solution for places with worse visibility. We offer 2 standard tapes with cross-hatching and photoluminescent strip that is 50 mm wide. A surface is the same as with the classical anti-slip tape.
Die-cut shapes

Use different types, colours and sizes for more effective floor marking.

  • Dashes, dots, arrows, foot marks and corner marks (shapes: L, T, +)
  • Longer permanent marking - minimizes a risk of damaging and enables a quick repair
  • Selected dashes, dots and arrows are pre-divided on self-adhesive tape in advance, so it is incredibly easy to stick them to the defined place equally 
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