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Implementation of LOTO system

Zavedení systému LOTOLockout/Tagout (LOTO) system was implemented in ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s This system represents the best solution that is in accordance with the law and also it is the best solution for health and property protection.

LOTO or LOCKOUT - TAGOUT is a functional and efficient system through which each authorized person who is doing the repair, service or device control has to specify planned and stated actions in advance. It is necessary for reliable and satisfactory cut-off device from the power source. The main aim is to avoid device switching on accidentally. 

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LOTO system application 

Date of realization (06/2014)


Before installation of LOTO products (06/2014)

 LOTO - before realizationLOTO - before realizationLOTO - before realization

After installation of LOTO products (07/2014)

LOTO - after realizationLOTO - after realization

LOTO - after realizationLOTO - after realization

Aledo s.r.o. realization 07/2014


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Sales assistant
Identification, Safety
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Aledo s.r.o. 
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