Mechanical Risk Lockout

Brady Mechanical Risk Lockout

Universal Valve Lockout - cable attachment 

The Universal Lockout Device is a modular system which enables you to lock out valves of different types and sizes. No other device offers such flexibility and security. There are two sizes available - large and small.

  • Modular system makes your investment economical and flexible
  • Can be used to lock out large levers, T-handles and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices
  • Open-ended clamp fits over closed rings and wide handles
  • Locks out valves in open and closed positions
  • Made from glass filled nylon for rugged durability, chemical and corrocion resistant

 Perma-Mount Ball Valve Lockout

These Lockout Devices keep your critical valves ready for correct Lockout. Retrofit Lockout Devices stay permanently in place at the point of need.

  • Eliminate the need to choose and carry the correct devices for each lockout event
  • Securely retain the operating handle in the 90° fully-closed position
  • Two sizes fit the full range of 1 to 10 cm diameter ball valves
  • Designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions
Brady Ball Valve Lockout

Brady Ball Valve Lockouts are the ideal tool for securing you quarter-turn angled ball valves in the OFF position.

  • Fits virtually any valve lever up to 76 mm
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Service temperature from -30 ⁰C to 120 ⁰C
Ball Valve Lockout Prinzing

Versatile and easy-to-use device. The two halves of the device encompass the ball valve lever to secure it from inadvertent activation of the valve. 

  • Small device locks out pipes from 14.50 - 52.50 mm in open and closed position
  • Large device locks out pipes from 50 - 200 mm in closed position
  • Versatile and easy-to-use
  • Made from Ultra-tough Polypropylene
  • Service temperature from -20 ⁰C to 80 ⁰C
Non-Conductive Ball Valve Lockout 

Intuitive and easy to place safety device.

  • Locks quarter-turn ball valves in OFF position
  • Made from strong polypropylene plastic, resistant to cracking, abrasion and chemical products
  • Resistant to extreme temperature -46 ⁰C to 183 ⁰C

 Safelex Universal Cable Lockout Device

Secure multiple energy disconnects with versatile group lockout hasp.

  • Safety hasp-shaped body clearly identifies the equipment lockout application
  • Lightweight for easy handling, carrying, operation and storage
  • Versatile to lock out multiple electrical or valve energy isolation points
  • Effectively lock out diverse shutoff configurations
  • Complete the lockout by securing 1 to 6 safety padlocks to the locking body
  • Cable can be tightened to remove slack even when locked
  • Designed to withstand a wide range of environmental coditions
All Purpose Cable Lockout

The ergonomic, hand-fitted body makes it easy to tighten the cable. Can be used to lock out valves, disconnect switches, circuit breakers and more.
  • Locks out multiple control points with a single device = reduced equipment costs
  • Interchangeable cables, select the best type suited for the job
  • High portability, a built-in eyelet helps keep the cable neatly coiled, prevents loose ends from dangling and causing a hazard when in use
  • Body withstands chemicals and corrosion
  • 4 padlocks can be applied
Original Cable Lockout Brady's original, patented cable lockout device is perfect for your difficult lockout situations such as large gate valves or oversized devices.
  • Simply squeeze device to tighten cable, insert your padlock to secure the handle and you're done!
  • Body is made of impact modified nylon
  • Available in several colours
  • Comes with galvanised steel cable (non-coated)
Mini Cable Lockout

Fits in the palm of your hand and is easily stowed away in your toolbox! One device for both electrical and mechanical lockout applications saves time and money.

  • Locks out valves as well as disconnected switches and circuit breakers
  • Cable stored internally: works just like a tape measure, prevents cable from getting tangled
  • Push-button self-winding mechanism automatically holds cable tight
  • Comes with vinyl-coated steel cable or non-conductive nylon cable
  • The sheathed metal cable provides extra strength for getting a tight fit on valves and levers
  • Superior chemical, corrosion and temperature resistance
  • 6 padlocks can be applied

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Standard Gate Valve Lockout

The easiest device that fits your gate valve.

  • Locks out gate valves with different hand wheel diameters
  • Made of durable polypropylene - superior impact & chemical resistance
  • Withstands temperatures from -20 ⁰C to 150 ⁰C
  • Available in several sizes and colours
  • 1 padlock can be applied
Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout One device for most gate valves! It replaces 3 conventional gate valve lockouts to reduce your costs.
  • Adjusts to fit gate valves from 2.5 to 16.5 cm
  • Durable polypropylene
  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes from -20 ⁰C to 80 ⁰C
  • 3 padlocks can be applied

Brady Butterfly Valve Lockout

Ideal to lock a butterfly valve in the OFF position.
  • Can be used to lock a butterfly valve in the OFF position by clamping down on the handle so that it may not be engaged or moved
  • Available in two sizes
Butterfly Valve Lockout

Created to secure your butterfly valve efficiently!

  • Made of strong polypropylene plastic
  • Full dielectric (non-conductive)
  • Highly resistant to cracking and abrasion
  • Highly resistant to solvents and other chemical products
  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes from -46 ⁰C to 183 ⁰C
  • 2 padlocks can be applied
  • Available in several colours

Plug Valve Lockout

Effective fit for difficult-to-secure plug valves.

  • Durable and tamper-resistant
  • Compact in size and easy to use
  • Several sizes to fit most 25 to 203 mm diameter manually-actuated plug valves
  • Service temperatures -20 ⁰C to 80 ⁰C
  • 1 padlock can be applied
Cylinder Tank Lockout

Revolutionary new rugged polystyrene plastic device is used to lockout cylinder tanks, including propane tanks on fork lift trucks and stand-alone propane tanks.

  • Designed to fit in tight spaces
  • Valve stem hole is 31.5 mm in diameter
  • 2 padlocks can be applied
Gas Cylinder Lockout

No need to match your lockout device to varying diameters and threads of cylinder caps.

  • Prevents access to the main cylinder valve
  • Accommodates neck rings up to 88 mm diameter
  • Install in seconds to save time
  • 1 padlock can be applied
Pneumatic Quick-Disconnect Lockout

Isolates pneumatic energy without the expense and inconvenience of installing in-line lockout valves. 

  • Device is applied to the male fitting, isolating equipment from all compressed air sources
  • Accommodates the majority of 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm male fittings
  • Hole in center of device allows for permanent storage on air hose and a loop on the side can be used to hang the hose and lockout device
  • 1 padlock can be applied

MasterLock Mechanical Lock-out

Rotating Gate Valve Lockout 
  • Surrounds the valve operating handle to protect against accidental valve opening
  • Unique patented rotating design allow for easier installation in confined space applications
  • Tough, lightweight, dielectric thermoplastic bodies withstand chemicals
  • Complete with high visibility permanent safety labels (English, French & Spanish) that can be written-on to identify the responsible person
  • Fits 2in (50 mm) to 5in (12 7mm) diameter valve handles
Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout 
  • Easy to use lockout device prevents accidental activation of a closed ball valve
  • Adjustable design fits 1/2in (13 mm) to 2in (51 mm) valves
  • Durable, lightweight thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments
  • Removable insert accommodates a wide range of handle designs and dimensions
  • Four locking holes to accept all Master Lock and American Lock safety padlocks
Wedge-Style Ball Valve Lockout 
  • Fits manual, quarter turn ball valve handles to protect against accidental opening
  • Easy to use one piece design locks valve in OFF position
  • Two rows of lock out points allow for a secure fit
  • Heat resistant powder coated metal body
 Seal Tight™ Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockout
  • Patented innovative design eliminates the risk of valve reactivation with removal of the handle
  • Universal fit-effectively locks out all valves from 3/8in (10 mm) to 4in (101 mm)
  • Fits virtually all types of pipe including insulated, PVC and metal
  • Easy to use - simple to apply with an intuitive wrapping strap and locking mechanism
  • Lightweight, flexible lockout device is easily carried to the job and then folded for compact storage in safety toolboxes
  • Performs effectively to withstand corrosive environments and extreme temperatures
Seal Tight™ Handle-On Ball Valve Lockout 
  • Clamps tight on handle stop to prevent handle movement
  • For valve diameters of 1/4in (6 mm) to 4in (101 mm)
  • Works on insulated pipes and in close quarters
  • Durable aluminum and steel construction defies corrosive environments and extreme temperatures
  • Lightweight and compact for easy carrying and storage
 Stainless Steel Pneumatic Lockout
  • Prevents pneumatic fitting from being connected to pressurized air source
  • Fits virtually all male pneumatic fittings found in manufacturing facilities
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Measures 1-3/8in wide x 7-3/4in tall x 1/8in thick (33 mm x 185 mm x 3.2 mm)
  • Works with lockout hasps for multiple worker lockout/tagout
 Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout
  • Ideal for simultaneous lock-out multiple valves and circuit breakers
  • Device can be locked using four padlocks
  • Lock-out can be adjusted once the cable is locked
  • Zenex™ composite body; withstands chemicals and extreme temperatures (-57 ⁰C to 177 ⁰C)
  • Flexible, insulated 4 mm diameter vinyl-coated steel cable
  • Can be used with Grip Tight™ circuit breaker to lock out 1/4 turn valve
 Padlock Caddy
  • Indicates exactly how many padlocks are required for equipment lock-out
  • Light, strong Zenex™ body
  • Chemical resistant - Corrosion resistant
  • UV stable - integrated key ring
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Holds up to 12 padlocks
  • Write-on tags for lock-out point identification
  • Available in 11 languages
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