Custom safety barriers

Safety barriers

We provide made-to-measure safety barriers, which are made of high quality steel with resistant surface adjustment.

We are able to meet your individual requirements and make barriers the size that have you requested.

We recommend you to consult the size, the type of protection and tightening to the stand with our experts from OSH solutions division.


  • they are resistant to a sudden hit and are suitable for indoor and outdoor environment
  • solid steel prevents injuries or device damages in case of a sudden hit
  • protection profiles from steel bars are available in various designs for various levels of traffic burdens

From our products: safety bollards; straight arc bumpers; corner arc bumpers; three-sided arc bumpers; slowing threshold; arc bumpers - hanging; low bumpers; rack bumpers and other.

Safety bollards Straight arc bumpers Corner arc bumpers Three-sided arc bumpers

We provide safety barriers with polymers with of high flexibility and resistance. After a crash the surface of the barrier gets back to the original shape. There will be no damage to the traffic devices or to the barrier caused by crash.

The barriers are primarily designed for storages, industrial production, parking lots and airports. You can use safety barriers for protection person's health, for brick or steel constructions, shelves, production lines and protection of traffic devices.


  • they separate traffic roads
  • they reduce the risk of injuries at work
  • special flexible synthetic material
  • material has a memory effect = the surface gets back to the original shape after the crash
  • for indoor and outdoor use

From our products: slowing threshold; columns protection; corners and walls protection; safety railing; safety bollards; crash barriers; flexible safety barriers; shelves protection; shelves edges protection and other.

Slowing threshold Columns protection Corners and walls protection Safety railing

Safety barriers in action

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