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Safety signs

What signs are used for

While choosing safety signs it is necessary to take into consideration not only the content, but also the resistance of the materials from which the safety signs are created.

 Safety signs

EU regulation no. 92/58 among other states that:

  • Employers must ensure safety and health signs at the workplace, which will be in accordance to this regulation, if the risks cannot be eliminated or the instruments of the union contract reasonably lowered, it must ensure the presence of these marks through certain precautions, methods or procedures of the work organization
  • Permanent signs must be used for marking of prohibitions, warnings, commands and placing of emergency exits and instruments of a first-aid treatment
  • The signs are made from unbreakable and also wind-resistant materials that are suitable for the neighbouring environment


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Is there no chart in accordance to your request? We can make it based on your requirements.

  • Possibility of producing signs from all the before mentioned materials
  • Possibility to choose the size you want


 Self-adhesive polyester

Lightweight, flexible material. Ideal to use in offices, light industrial factories, warehouses, general interior and outside environment. It is applied on clean, dry and smooth surface.

  • High water, oil and grease resistance
  • High adhesion even on rough surfaces, polypropylene, ABS, powder varnish
  • Safety colours: red, black, yellow, green and blue
  • Thickness: 0.105 mm
 Self-adhesive laminated polyester

Transparent lamination that ensures high resistance. Excellent adhesion even on rough surfaces, polypropylene, ABS, powder varnish.

  • Resistance to majority of chemical products and resolvents
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures: -40 °C to 140 °C
  • Resistance to weather, UV radiation and scratching
 Solid plastic material
  • Direct printout on PVC base
  • Possibility of interior and exterior use for various applications
  • Easy formation after PVC is warmed up, which enables adaptation of sign that after cooling off stay in the new shape
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
Photoluminescent material 
  • PVC signs from photoluminescent material
  • Material has by 80% higher light intensity than is required by the DIN standard
Traffic sign - Aluminum 
  • Polyester sign stuck to solid aluminum base
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
 Luxury orientation signs
  • Subsurface printout on 4 mm solid acrylic sheet
  • Highly prestigious look
  • Application on a wall using 14 mm strong peg from stainless steel
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