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Tagout is the placement of a tag, which indicates that the energy-isolating device and the equipment being controllled MUST NOT BE operated until the tag has been removed (responsible person, expected completion, etc.).

The tags are made of durable PVC material. For hanging on lockout device are fitted with hole. We can produce labels of any material and your desired dimensions.

So the company Aledo s.r.o. could produce tags according to your needs. Aledo requires the following information for each type / design of the tag you need:

1. Tag type

2. Size

3. Quantity

4. Define your text

Send your request for quotation containing all information listed above to our Account Manager.

 Přizpůsobení visačky (1) Přizpůsobení visačky (2) Přizpůsobení visačky (3)

Indicate who is responsible for placing a lockout device and who is authorised to remove it or make changes to it. Tags are made of flexible polyester, resistant to water, oil and extreme temperatures. Their matt surface allows easy describing on with a ball point or felt-tip pen.

ACIS - přední strana ACIS - zadní strana  Nespouštět 90x140mm Visačka petlice předníVisačka petlice zadní

  • Pre-printed warning layout and blank reverse
  • B-851 Polyester Tag

 Varovná visačka Aledo přední Varovná visačka Aledo zadníVarovná visačka předníVarovná visačka zadní  Visačka Miele předníVisačka Miele zadní

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