Projection of light symbols

End of continuous renewal of classical forms of safety signs.

Projection of light symbols and signs has been increasingly used in modern safety and directional signage and signaling systems. The new powerful, bright and efficient LED projectors are easy to operate and install. The projected image is easy to see, does not come off, it wears out, it can be switched ON and OFF. You can also change and rotate the projected symbols. Such labeling is highly visible and attract attention. You can project any indication, navigation symbols and pictograms, for example, in shopping centers, airports, railway stations, public or production areas, warehouses and factory halls.


  • long life span
  • visibility
  • the ability to change and rotate the projected symbols

Example of use:

Production hall of Johnson Controls, Námestovo (SK) - new safety lighting systems with sensors.

Projection starts automatically upon arrival of lift trucks and helps to prevent accidents at work. Large illuminated STOP sign warns pedestrians at the approaching truck. The light projection system is suitable for factories, warehouses and industrial plants.

Johnson Controls - projection of safety markingJohnson Controls - projection of safety marking

Mondi Štětí, a.s. - Warning projection system.

Description of the installation: LED projector with an output of 120W serves 2 security zones of size about 2x3 m apart of 3.5 m. The projector is connected directly to the machine. Once the "rounding" of the role begins, then starts the warning projection system. Depending on which engine is started, the projector directs to the safety zone.

When the projector is off, the role does not "rounding" and the handling trucks ride and staff walks through the area.

Mondi Štětí, a.s. - warning projection systemMondi Štětí, a.s. - warning projection system

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