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Lockout/Tagout procedure

In the field of Safety solutions, our company has been for a long time very actively involved in the application of processes Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) in many companies in a wide range of business activities.

Lockout/Tagout - marking risk areas

As its name suggests (LOCK/TAG) is a unique combination of products for the current visualization of potential risks using an identifier (tag, label, etc.) and for a prevention of mechanical handling with potential risk source (valves, levers, switches, etc.) using special lockout devices. Thus, for example, is a safety indication of the place by tag, by safety sign or by label.

The entire labelling system is completed with safety locks that can be according to safety requirements combined. The introduction of successful and effective LOTO system is often very demanding process that combines many factors that influence the successful application of the system. Our team of professionals is able to ensure the smooth introduction of this system, not only for marking the pipes from the initial audit to the delivery and installation of the final solution.

Brady and MasterLock

Lockout/Tagout is a planned safety procedure, which includes switching off the supply of energy to industrial machinery and equipment for maintenance or repairs. This procedure is used to minimize the risks posed by machines under energy source or electricity.

For Europe there are valid measures requiring shutdown and lock energy resources while carrying out repairs of industrial machinery. The best solution for compliance with the law and the protection of health and property is offered in a form LOTO introduction in practice.

Our company is the only one in the Czech Republic in its range of products represented by two leading global manufacturers of LOTO products - Brady and MasterLock.

The procedure Lockout/Tagout (or lock and tag) consists of two steps:

1. Lockout - Lock - Prevent

Placing the special lock and padlock on a site that is critical for the release of energy sources, in such a way that it is impossible for other persons turn on disconnected or shut down machinery without using excessive force.

2. Tagout - Tag - Inform

Labelling the valve with a tag, which informs the other users that the device is under repair/downtime and equipment is therefore disconnected/OFF. This tag can be written as well as information relating to the disconnection (name of responsible person, completion date, etc.). A brief text description of the steps that employees must perform before shutting down or disconnecting the device – with his/her signature can be placed on the back of the tag. This confirms that the actions were carried out.

What types of risks solves the LOTO system

LOTO system is the whole Lockout/Tagout system. It helps eliminate security risks in various types of operations. The main groups of risks that LOTO procedure successfully prevents include:

Mechanical hazards - prevents movement of equipment or machine operation, eg. in the case of the press, milling machines, lathes and other machines

Electrical hazards - reduces the risk of electric shock

Chemical hazards - eliminates the chemicals hazardous liquids or gases in pipelines (steam, gas, acid)

Why implement a Lockout/Tagout programme:

  • Reduced accident rates and injury costs
  • Less downtime, higher productivity
  • Reduced indirect costs
  • Best safety practice


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