Marking of scaffolds, ladders and working tools.

Scafftag® product line offers a complete system for safety identification and evidence of working tools from scaffolds and ladders to containers with chemicals.


  • Easy application
  • Resistance to challenging climatic conditions
  • It saves time during safety audit preparations
  • It gives clear information about a control and work 
  • A choice of sizes and insertions with the ability to adapt to requirements
  • Low price of the system which saves lives
  • Wide range of holders and insertions

Scafftag® system insertions are custom made based on customer´s requirements. Various forms of colours, texts or company logo inserting are possible, etc.

How to do it?

Scafftag® marking system usually combines of two parts - holder which is permanently fastened to a device and a replaceable insertions. Scafftag® systems alerting about a device condition are noted for clear visibility and an easy application.


The information regarding restrictions of using this device are printed on plastic holder (the solidity test has not been conducted, the device is not certified for using, checks of expiration date and others).






As soon as the device is certified as safe for using (the test of device was conducted, the test of solidity and others), insertion is plugged into a plastic holder which informs about a safe use. Insertions are made by custom based on customer´s requirements and they can contain information about a cargo capacity, conducted controls or "use by date" information and others. You can write on all types of insertions in case you need to write some variable information.





As soon as the device becomes dangerous for using (detection of failure, risk of injury and other cases),  the text "DO NOT USE" will get revealed simply by removing the insertions from using, which clearly informs about the restriction of using.



Products overview

Scafftag® system insertions are made by custom according to customer´s requirements. Various forms of texts, colours company logo inserting are possible.

Basic scafftag:


It is a full system of safety marking for scaffolds which is noted for high resistance and excellent visibility. Holders and insertions are resistant to extreme conditions. It can be used outside for all standard scaffolds throughout the whole year.

Systematic usage of Scafftag® system ensures safety in every level of a construction process.


Towertag® is designed to display Mobile Tower safe working loads (SWL), movement references and inspection data at the point of use.

  • Make information regarding the mobile towers build easily available
  • Record up to 8 Mobile Tower movements
  • Up to 10 records of inspections

Extended scafftag:


Forkliftag® is a status tagging system to help control pre-shift inspections, maintenance and identification of forklift trucks. Our inserts contain an easy-to-follow pre-use operator checklist on the front and you can record inspections on the reverse.


Chemtag® is designed for containers marking with chemicals and dangerous substances. It helps to comply with the Directive 67/548 about marking of dangerous substances.

Scafftag for ladders and machines:


It is a full marking system of equipment controls and maintenance. It can be effectively used for many devices (machines, portable devices and other working equipment).


Laddertag® is a system of satefy marking for ladders.

Range of small holders:


Unitag® is designed for identification and marking of elevatory devices, valves, calibrated devices and other applications. Unitag® holder has a unique (permanently lockable) system which enables fastening to any devices. Optional standard insertions are available in various colours. It is supplied with a fixed string for suspension.


It is a safety marking system which is suitable especially for elevatory equipment marking and marking of small working devices. Microtag® also provides highly visible safety marking of working harnesses. It is fastened by a cable tape on two places - one is on harness in breast area and the second is on a suspension rope.


Nanotag® is a safety management tagging system, purpose designed for the identification and qualification of industrial equipment which has minimal attachment space such as eyebolts and shackles, hoses and cables, breathing apparatus and small portable tools. While its form is designed to fit to the smallest of industrial applications, Nanotag® still utilizes the dynamic holder and inserts system.



Safetrak makes time consuming paper based equipment inspections a lot faster. Planning, inspecting and reporting can be streamlined, customised and largely automated in the Safetrak app to save time.

Safetrak enables you to keep track of inspections digitally and eliminates the need to make time consuming duplicates, decipher hasty handwriting or search for lost inspection papers. At the same time, the web application also includes an advanced inspection planning system that offers a full overview of every inspection planned and enables users to easily plan recurring inspections.

Safetrak - basic workflow

Safetrak - basic workflow

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